Your Next Buick: Made in China?

2015 Buick Envision

The gleaming new Buick sits in your driveway. It’s a proud statement of your success and a beautiful example of American design and ingenuity of engineering. It’s a Buick like never before and leaves the stigma of Buick as an “old man’s car” far in the past.

This is the Buick of the future. It’s sleek and shapely. It’s desirable and impressive. It’s fresh and invigorating.

This is the Buick for young families and emerging professionals.

This is the Buick Envision. It’s most likely coming to the United States.

And it’s made in China.

General Motors might become the first automaker to import a made-in-China vehicle to sell in the U.S. market.

The Shanghai-built Buick Envision is a hugely popular small SUV in China, selling about 126,000 copies annually. In the U.S., it’s expected to sell much slower. Estimates are that about 35,000 Americans would take home an Envision each year.

While GM hasn’t officially announced its plans and remains mum on the subject, all signs point to the Chinese-made Buick heading to America.

CNN Money says,

GM could face a backlash if it decides to export a Chinese car to the U.S. The federal government spent $49.5 billion bailing out GM when it went through bankruptcy in 2009. GM repaid its loans, but taxpayers ended up with a $10.6 billion loss on the bailout.

Will buyers view the Envision as a Chinese vehicle or accept it as they would any other Buick? I happen to believe that the vast majority of buyers don’t care, or even know, where their cars were built. There are American Fords built in Mexico, GM cars built in Canada, and German BMW cars built in the United States. Does it really matter if we have access to a Buick that’s built in China?

This is just a part of the world economy, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what the Envision has to offer, regardless of where it was made.

Would you test-drive a Buick that was made in China?


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