Chevrolet Missed the Mark With This New Ad

Chevrolet Silverado bear commercial

Dear Chevrolet,

I’m embarrassed for you. I watched your new advertisement for the Silverado, and I can only shake my head and wonder what you were thinking.

It’s a great truck. It’s a beautiful truck. It’s a truck that has powered the American legacy for many decades.

But it’s also a dying truck.

Not to say the Silverado will lose the sales race to Ford and Ram and be discontinued. It won’t. But the Silverado, in its current form, won’t last much longer. You and I both know its days are numbered.

So why did you make that ad? The collective truck-buying market cringes for you.

The thing is, Chevy, you know this is true. You know that Ford has set a precedent with the use of aluminum, and you know that the Silverado will soon use it, too.

Instead of quietly letting the use of steel in the bodies of your trucks die, you loudly undermine the use of the new material that will define your future. How is that good marketing?

You probably already know this, but here’s the ad I reference:

Oh sure, it’s a clever ad, and I’m sure your marketing team is high-fiving each other and praising one another for such massive amounts of creativity.

You missed an opportunity, though. You had a chance here to reverse people’s thinking about aluminum, but instead you capitalized on preconceived notions and attempted to push a material that is quickly becoming old school.

Yes, the perception of aluminum is that it isn’t very strong, especially when compared to what you label “high-strength steel.” What you could have done is taken this opportunity and started to shift that perception toward the truth and used this platform to announce that aluminum can absolutely be as strong as steel. That would have been solid marketing.

Instead, you stooped to take a swipe at the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 in an attempt to sell the remaining steel-bodied Silverados.

That’s embarrassing.

Your ad will work. People will buy the Silverado, and they will be very happy they did. But you’ll have a massive problem to overcome when you debut your new aluminum-bodied Silverado, a problem perpetuated by your own marketing.

Which would you buy: a new aluminum-bodied F-150 or the last of the steel-bodied Silverados?


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