Could GM Build a Hellcat Slayer?

2015 Holden Commodore Chevy SS

The Hellcat has proven wildly popular and can officially be declared a runaway success. The 707-horsepower Charger and Challenger Hellcats have sold out for the 2015 model year, and FCA could have sold many more if it could’ve made them.

The massively powerful Hellcat engine will make its way into other products, most recently the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Hellcat, which we mentioned yesterday.

Obviously the market for ultra-powerful semi-affordable American muscle is red-hot… either that or people have simply fallen in love with the word “Hellcat.”

If the former is true, why haven’t other automakers capitalized on the 700+ horsepower market?

Maybe, just maybe, General Motors will be next to burn out our eyeballs with a Hellcat competitor.

The odds of a GM Hellcat slayer aren’t good, but that’s not to say the company doesn’t have the ability.

Here’s a quote on the topic:

The likeliest candidate GM has for a Hellcat-style makeover would be the Chevrolet SS, with its 6.2 liter V8 driving 415 horsepower through the rear wheels, and a row-your-own gearbox. In a way, that’s what’s going to happen – except the car won’t be a Chevy, we won’t be getting it here, and there’s a very good chance we probably never will. Sources inside GM say the SS, better known as the Holden Commodore in its native country Australia, will be receiving the 650 horsepower LS9 V8 from the last-generation Corvette ZR-1, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Holden is interested in exporting any.

See how easy that is? All Chevy has to do is use an existing car and bolt in an existing engine. With some creative marketing and a killer name, Chevy could out-Hellcat the Hellcat.

GM should act fast if it’s going to, because its existing lineup can’t keep pace. Even the 650-hp Camaro LT4 can’t outmuscle the Hellcat.

However, adding a Hellcat competitor would create a precarious situation for Chevy. A 700+ horsepower Camaro would steal sales from the Corvette, and a modified SS would steal sales from the Camaro.

As unfortunate as that is for Chevy fans, they might just have to concede that their beloved Bowtie won’t hold the title of America’s most powerful production car.

Should General Motors build a competitor to the Dodge Hellcats?


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