Could an Apple Car Change Everything?

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If you have a spare few minutes, watch Steve Jobs introduce the original iPhone to the world. In that speech, Jobs said, “Every once in a while, a new product comes along that changes everything.”

There was a moment of clarity during that speech when, for the first time, it registered that one device could take the role of music player, phone, and Internet-capable search device. The iPhone truly did change everything.

That’s what Apple does, though. Or at least, that’s what Apple used to do. Since the death of Jobs, some have wondered if the company is still capable of innovation and can rock the world with technology that simplifies our lives.

Apple doesn’t invent new technology so much as it refines existing technology. That’s what the Macintosh did, that’s what the iPod did, and that’s what the iPhone did.

In just a few years, we’ll know if Apple can do for cars what it did for computers and phones.

Apple is known for keeping mum on projects, so a confirmation of an “iCar” probably won’t happen until the company is a few months away from launch. However, we do have some reliable reports to fuel the fires that Apple does indeed plan to manufacture an electric car within four years.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is moving forward with some kind of car after investigating options for more than a year, as well as recently meeting with government officials in California. The report also says that Apple’s first vehicles may not be self-driving.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the report says Apple has plans to triple the size of the 600-employee team behind the car project, which has been code-named Titan.

That report fits nicely with other recent news that Apple has been offering huge money to Tesla engineers as an incentive to jump ship and come to work in Cupertino.

It’s pretty clear that Apple has an idea it thinks is worthy. There are questions, though. How and where will the car be built? How, where, and by whom will the car be sold?

An Apple car has the potential to be another product that comes along and changes everything, but it could just as easily be more of an iWatch-esque flop.

If Apple builds a car, will you jump in line to get one?


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  1. Not a huge Apple fan, but I completely endorse tech companies getting into this space. Most infotainment systems are terrible, slow, buggy messes. Updates are few and far between when a problem arises. I am all for giving more control to companies that thrive in this space.

  2. A very interesting and exciting prognosis for a major change, or maybe as you suggest an innovative improvement, on the car market. We believe that if iCar appears soon or later on the market, this would make all people talk about it at first. It surely would have many extras included, however do these extras really turn out to be an improvement in functionality and some other important aspects of car driving, or do they simple be the next step closer to entertainment Apple is known for. We guess we only can sit and wait for what is coming from Apple in a few years. However, it was predictable that Apple won’t settle only on iPhones and will try and unwind their potential also on other markets.

  3. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited about this. Tesla is great, but competition also builds more greatness. As a loyal Apple user and a car guy, I almost feel I can’t not try it out. And Steve Jobs being Steve Jobs, who’s to say this wasn’t an idea he considered decades ago with the intent of waiting for the time to be right. Really looking forward to more details on this.

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