BMW, Toyota Join Forces to Take on Audi

Lexus LFA

Now might be a good time to go after Audi.

With the appalling news coming from the VW/Audi camp over the last week, competitors will probably line up to take shots at the automaker while it’s down. Assuming, of course, those competing automakers didn’t also create a way to fool the EPA and pawn dirty diesels off as clean.

To get our attention off the great diesel scandal, let’s turn for a moment to a story about good old-fashioned hybrid technology and a couple of Audi competitors.

Lexus and BMW both field vehicles that compete with Audi, and both would love nothing more than to build a car that moves Audi down the ranks of relevancy in sports cars. Since the Audi R8 is the brand’s halo, it makes sense for competing automakers to build a better halo.

Lexus and BMW want to create one together.

An Australian site seems to have some insight on a new BMW supercar and a successor to the Lexus LFA:

Our source lets on that both companies have jointly built a prototype in a mid-engined layout with full-time AWD. In fact, in terms of powertrains, we are hearing that the next generation LFA will get a drivetrain system not unlike the new Honda NSX‘s, with electric motors driving the front wheels fitted inside an aluminum space frame and carbon-fiber bath-tub configuration.

And here’s the highlight. From what our insider reveals, there are two power units currently under development. The power source for BMW’s supercar will be a bespoke M-developed straight-six twin turbo with plug-in hybrid technology courtesy of Toyota.

That’s a menacing combo platter right there.

While most of us won’t ever have the honor of owning whatever cars result from that partnership, we’ll eventually benefit, because the shared technology can work its way down the model lines. We already know that BMW and Toyota are developing a sports car that will probably replace the Z4 and could result in a new Supra.

Who knows, maybe we’ll also get a BMW-influenced Scion FR-S.

The time is right for these two juggernauts to join forces, and we’re excited to see what comes of it.

Would you rather see BMW and Toyota collaborate on a new supercar or create something we could all enjoy?


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