Tesla Model X Will Set New Standard for SUVs

Tesla Model X

It won’t be long before the traditional automakers put out an SUV that has gull-wing doors, electric power, and front doors that open as the driver approaches the vehicle.

Just as the Tesla Model S made German automakers step up their premium sedan game and forced them into building electric sedan concepts, the newly unveiled Tesla Model X will do the same for SUVs. Yesterday we compared some currently available models to the X, and it’s pretty clear there just isn’t any competition.

The Model X isn’t a vehicle that’s the result of an evolution of SUVs to this point. This is a vehicle that completely revolutionizes the SUV. As such, it will be only for those who are looking to join that revolution.

Those looking for predictable dependability and practicality need not apply. There’s a Kia Soul for that.

At $132,000, only the richest of revolutionaries will be able to drive home a new Model X. That’s okay, though, because they are the ones who will pave the way for future versions to become less expensive.

It will take months to fully dissect the endless features this car is unleashing on the world. There’s the mind-bending acceleration, the 250-mile range, the “bioweapon mode” setting on the HVAC system (seriously) and, of course, those famous falcon-wing doors. Here’s what Wired said about those:

The doors make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. No gymnastic contortions to get into the (standard) third row seating. No more cantilevering yourself to get your kids into their child seats. No more playing Tetris trying to get your stuff in. Just throw open those doors—actually, push a button and let the doors lift automatically, in 6 to 7 seconds—throw in your groceries and bags and whatnot, and climb in after it.

Even cooler, the doors have sensors that determine how much room they have to open. Even with just 12 inches of clearance, the doors will rise and provide easy access to the interior. Here it is doing its thing:

Does anyone else see a Prius shape in the Model X? The shape and front grille design are its only flaws from my point of view so far.

The X is extravagant and has technologies that most of us never thought we needed. That’s the beauty of witnessing a revolution, though. I’m reminded of Apple and the early days of the iMac and iPod… technology that was crazy cool at the time and has led to products we can’t live without today.

At what price would you consider a Tesla Model X?


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