Don’t Use the Wipers! GM Issues New Recall


Another day, another recall.

Here’s yet another recall we could attack General Motors over. We could chastise the company for producing vehicles with faulty parts (again) or make fun of obvious holes in its quality-check system.

This time, though, we should praise GM, because it finally got one right.

In this new recall, which was made public late last week, GM is telling some customers to stop using the windshield wipers on certain SUVs, because the wiper motor could overheat and catch fire.

See how easy it would be to call out the ridiculousness of this recall? Before you do, though, read on, because GM’s handling of this recall just might make you want to buy a GM product.

An AP article says,

The company is recalling nearly 32,000 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia SUVs from the 2016 model [year] to fix the problem.

Only 6,400 were sold and the rest are being held at dealerships until they are repaired. Most are in North America.

This is a tiny recall compared to other massive recall news lately. It’s the first in recent memory, though, that GM has handled quickly and with the customer’s best interest in mind.

Not using the windshield wipers could obviously be a huge safety risk, especially as we move through fall and toward winter. Here’s more info on how the recall was discovered and what the company is doing about it, from the same AP article:

The problem was discovered when a wiper motor overheated at a factory near Lansing, Michigan, where the SUVs are made. The plant’s quality manager reported the problem on Sept. 21 through GM’s “Speak up for Safety” program, and GM began investigating five days later.

GM says if weather stops owners from taking their SUVs to dealers, it will pick up the vehicles for service. It also will arrange rental cars if parts aren’t available.

I’m impressed. This is how recalls should be handled. GM’s new process identified a problem, a response came fast, the company was truthful, and then it made appropriate arrangements for owners who aren’t able to safely get their cars to the dealer.

Much of 2015 has been marred by troubling recall news, and it’s nice to read of a recall, albeit a small one, being handled so quickly and efficiently.

I hope this is a new way of doing business and other automakers follow suit, starting now.

Are you satisfied with how automakers handle recalls?


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  1. They are handling it really well. It is definitely kind of an ironic situation though. The wiper motors might catch fire while in use… but the only time they would be in use is in the rain. Ahaha.

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