Volkswagen Golf Cabrio Coming to the U.S.

2016 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

Perhaps Volkswagen is trying to make amends for all the trouble it’s caused. Or maybe it just wants to do something to make up for all the diesels it can no longer sell here in the United States.

The VW brand will struggle for a long time to overcome the damage its emission scandal has done to the brand. On top of that, money that would have been used to develop new products will likely be diverted to pay for massive fines and recall costs.

So how can Volkswagen continue to sell new product and survive? It needs to try to make us forget about its indiscretions. One way to do that is to introduce cars that previously weren’t available here.

Car and Driver says,

The Volkswagen Golf Cabrio is set to return to the U.S. market, for the first time since 2002. According to a source close to the project, the next-generation Cabrio will be sold here alongside the Beetle Convertible, and will fill the gap that will be left when production of the Eos ends in a few months.

Will this car help Volkswagen return to its former glory? Doubtful.

The Golf Cabrio has previously been available only in European markets. Engine choices there include two diesels and four 4-cylinder gasoline engines (105-hp 1.2-liter, 125-hp 1.4-liter, 150-hp 1.4-liter, and 220-hp 2.0-liter). It would make sense that at least a few of those transfer over to our market, minus the diesels, of course.

This certainly won’t be a huge-selling automobile, though. It’ll find a niche market, much like the higher-end Eos did, but it won’t fill the massive hole left by the absence of the TDIs. Plus, it’s just not a very attractive automobile.

That’s subjective, of course, but the Golf has always looked outdated to me. It would look more at home in 1989 than it does in 2015.

Volkswagen will try very hard to regain trust and sell more cars, but this isn’t the car that’ll make it happen.

Are you excited for the return of the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet?


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