Can Alfa Romeo Finally Take On BMW?

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo is the unicorn of the United States automotive market. For years we’ve heard rumors of its existence, but very few people here have ever actually seen one.

That has started to change with the arrival of the 4C, but it’s still a rare beast that most people won’t ever see, much less own.

A rare car isn’t a great platform to build a comeback on, so the Italian automaker wants to introduce a slew of performance vehicles overseas and hopefully in the U.S. to try and turn Alfa from a rare unicorn to a ubiquitous presence. Is there room for another competitor to BMW and Mercedes-Benz?

Yahoo says,

With the recent introduction of the Giulia, FIAT-owned Alfa Romeo has launched the biggest and most ambitious product offensive in its illustrious, 105-year long history. The automaker believes it can boost its annual sales from less than 80,000 units last year to about 400,000 units in 2018 by launching at least eight all-new, performance-focused models before the end of the decade.

The end of the decade happens in just over 4 years, so we can expect a lot of activity happening in Alfa Romeo’s dealerships very soon. The question is, how many will make their way over here?

Among the new models is a competitor to the BMW X3, the top trim of which is said to have a 510-hp V6. Then will come a small rear-wheel-drive (RWD) car set to compete with the BMW 2 Series and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class.

From there Alfa will debut a large sedan to fight the E-Class and 5 Series, along with an SUV to take on the X5.

Autocar says that a new Spider convertible and a GTV coupe are on the way as well, with a due date in showrooms sometime in 2017.

According to Alfa’s website, the Giulia sedan will be sold here. It would make sense for the company to make its other offerings available here, too, but all we can do is wait and see what happens. If a new model line is sold here, Americans will have to get used to some new names while getting accustomed to adding Alfa dealers to their list of shopping destinations. Hopefully buyers flock in by the thousands.

If we don’t get these eight new models, Alfa Romeo may remain mostly a myth.

Are you excited to see Alfa Romeo take on BMW and Mercedes-Benz?


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  1. Alfa Romeo has always look great, sometime very close to a Ferrari. But premium constructors like BMW and Porsche will always have an edge unfortunately.
    Worth checking if their certificate of conformity is available at:

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