Ford Bronco, Ranger Coming Back Thanks to UAW

2020 Ford Bronco

I’m generally not a fan of the United Auto Workers union.

I believe that automakers should have the right to hire and fire whomever they choose, whenever they want, while paying whatever wages they deem fair. Without getting into a giant political debate here, I think we can all at least agree that the union has significant control over the actions of automakers.

One positive result from the UAW’s influence is the recent confirmation of a long-standing rumor involving the return of a favorite old workhorse.

Union contract negotiations can get intense and often involve salary increases, bonuses, performance pay, guaranteed work, and increased factory production. Ford’s recent negotiations with the UAW have resulted in something exciting:

The virtual guarantee of a Ford Bronco, along with a new U.S. Ford Ranger.

Motor Authority says,

The confirmation of the Ford Bronco comes ahead of a United Auto Workers (UAW) vote, as part of a tentative labor agreement reached this past week.

The timeline would assure that the new Ford Ranger would be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant beginning in 2018, while the Ford Bronco would be built at that plant by 2020.

That’s the power of the UAW. Factories need to be operational and people need to run them, and the union has great influence over how automakers go about making that happen. Bringing the much-desired trucks to the United States, though, will help Ford increase market share while guaranteeing employment for some of Detroit’s finest factory workers.

Regardless of the politics behind the decision, Ford will be well positioned to take advantage of a revived midsize truck market spearheaded by GM and its massively successful launch of the Colorado and Canyon.

We still don’t know exactly what the Bronco will look like or even what segment it will compete in (there’s some speculation here) but we can be sure of its imminent appearance.

Thanks, UAW.

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