Karma Automotive Comes Back With Swagger


It’s about time that a little shot of arrogance gets injected back into the auto industry.

There’s been a lot of apologizing lately, with the whole Volkswagen fiasco and an unending string of recalls. Where’s the company that comes in and unapologetically announces its wares and walks with an air of confidence while proudly showing the cars it knows you just have to have?

There’s only one currently doing that. Well, okay, maybe two. We could make the argument that Tesla fits into that description, but today our attention turns to another electric automaker. This one had an epic launch failure in recent years, but its new owners have revamped it into something it knows you want. And if you don’t want it?

This company has absolutely zero cares to give.

Karma Automotive, formerly known as Fisker Automotive, has taken the name of Fisker’s only model and transformed into a new company. It’s now owned by the Wanxiang Group, based in California, and ready to blow the socks off anyone who is willing to pay for the privilege.

Glance through the company’s website, and you’ll be deluged by words like this:

Karma’s vision is to inspire. To offer timeless design with technology that creates an ecologically sensitive product; so distinct that it forms an emotional connection between buyer and brand.

No one NEEDS a product like this to get from Point A to Point B. We exist for those who HAVE TO HAVE ONE. There are plenty of exceptional cars out there for the rest of you.


We will say it over and over again. We are not for everybody, and we never will be. We make vehicles for people who care what we care about, and the rest will take care of itself.

And my favorite,

If you don’t get it, you don’t get one.

It kind of makes you want one, doesn’t it?

Part of Karma’s swagger could be due to the fact that it just secured BMW as a supplier of its electric drivetrains. In a press release, the company said BMW will supply “powertrain components, including high voltage battery charging systems and a wide range of hybrid and EV systems.”

The first Karma will be a flagship that, presumably, will be a lot like the original Fisker Karma. The press release suggests it’ll be a plug-in hybrid model and will launch in 2016.

We’ll anxiously await its release, not to mention the marketing that goes along with it.

Are you the kind of guy or gal who would buy a new Karma?


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