Can Ford “Excite and Delight” With Electric Cars by 2020?


The odds are pretty good that you’ll purchase a plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle within the next four years.

Why am I so confident?

Here’s a short rundown of companies that have announced major plans for electric cars by 2020:

  • Tesla will be in production with the Model S, Model X, and Model 3
  • Porsche will be in production of the Mission E Concept
  • Volvo expects to add plug-in hybrid vehicles to its entire range
  • Audi says 25 percent of its range will eventually be electric
  • Nissan wants to rule the EV mass market

And now, Ford is investing $4.5 billion into electric vehicles so it’ll have 13 EV models by, you guessed it, 2020.

We don’t have any info on specific models that Ford plans to offer as EVs, as Ford hasn’t yet clarified how many of those models will be next-gen versions of current cars and how many will be all-new vehicles. We do know that Ford is thinking deeper into the role of the EV and how it’ll impact people’s lives.

Raj Nair, executive vice president and chief technical officer at Ford Motor Company, said,

We are considering the way customers interact with our vehicles as a unified experience, looking for ways to excite and delight customers and make their lives better.

He went on to say,

The challenge going forward isn’t who provides the most technology in a vehicle but who best organizes that technology in a way that most excites and delights people.

Is Ford the company that can delight us with electric cars? So far its offerings have been pleasantly mediocre, and the 2016 Focus EV looks to continue that tradition with a 76-mile range and 143-hp electric motor. That’s not terrible, but Ford has a long way to go in just four years if it expects to excite and delight anyone.

Maybe Chevy will be the automaker to truly delight us. The highly anticipated Bolt will go into production next year and promises to deliver a 200-mile range and cost about $30,000. Also, the 2016 Volt comes highly praised by Consumer Reports and Chevy has already announced that the 2017 version will come with even more improvements.

I must say, I’m excited and delighted.

Can Ford become one of the automakers best known for manufacturing strong electric vehicles?


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