What Will Faraday Future Build in Nevada?

Could Faraday Future build something like this?

Could Faraday Future build something like this?

There’s a carmaker investing a billion dollars in a new Nevada factory. This factory will employ 4,500 people and produce a new breed of electric car.

Sounds like Tesla, doesn’t it?

After all, Tesla recently broke ground on a $1.3 billion factory in Nevada to build batteries for its vehicles. But Tesla isn’t building this other factory. It’s being built by a company that has never released a vehicle and has never even produced a public concept.

How is that possible?

Frankly, I don’t know. But Faraday Future, the mysterious California automaker with funding from a Chinese billionaire, seems to have a plan.

Jalopnik says,

Not much is known about Faraday Future, but they have real funding, a soon-to-be real factory, and really impressive hires to back them, with a head designer from BMW (who lead the BMW i8 team) and a Senior Vice President Nick Sampson who helped Tesla get on its feet.

Faraday wants to offer electric cars fitted with seamless connectivity options. No one knows exactly what that means just yet, but the company’s website says,

We will launch with fully electric vehicles that will offer smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world. Beyond traditional electric vehicles, we are also developing other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving.

The company will show a concept at the upcoming CES Show in Las Vegas and hopes to launch its first car in 2017. That’s exceptionally ambitious, but maybe it’s the new way of the auto industry. Maybe with enough money, anyone can incorporate an auto business and build a car on a mass scale.

But will people buy it?

There’s speculation that Faraday is a cover for something else. Rumors still swirl that Faraday is Apple’s car project in disguise, and if that’s true, the company is virtually guaranteed to sell as many cars as it can make.

All we know at this point is that a concept is coming in January, and that a billion-dollar plant is being built to handle production.

Whatever Faraday is or isn’t, it’s definitely fueling some excitement in the auto industry.

What do you know about Faraday’s plans for the future? Are you excited about them?


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