Cars That Will Set 2016 on Fire

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Welcome to 2016, friends.

If the Chinese did their calendar correctly, this would have been the year of the car. I mean, the year of the monkey is all well and good, but 2016 will be among the best in a long time as far as new car debuts go.

We’ll see the new Ford GT, as mentioned yesterday, in addition to a made-in-China Buick, as well as an untold number of surprises at upcoming auto shows.

There are a few cars, though, that aren’t available yet but should set the pace for excitement in 2016. Are you ready for these?

Jaguar XE


Jaguar is primed to finally take some of BMW’s thunder with the XE. The long-standing 3 Series will probably remain king, but the XE could potentially create a lot of fear for the people of Munich.

Jaguar F-Pace


We don’t know how well this will compete against other luxury SUVs, but the F-Pace is significant because it’s the first-ever sport ute from Jaguar. Plus, it has one of the sexiest designs ever seen on a SUV.

Cadillac XT5


2016 will be Cadillac’s year to establish itself as a true player in the luxury performance game. The XT5 doesn’t have the killer good looks of the Jag, but will come chock full of technology and comfort. Watching the F-Pace and the XT5 go head-to-head should be a great storyline this year!

Cadillac CT6


When was the last time Cadillac fielded a true competitor in the full-size luxury car segment? The Carter administration? This year the CT6 will launch with a choice of three powertrains, a 272-hp turbo four, a 335-hp V6, or a 400-hp twin-turbo V6.

Chevrolet Bolt

2016 Chevrolet Bolt

There are only two numbers that are important for the Bolt: A 200-mile range and a $30,000 price tag. If both of those numbers come to fruition when the Bolt goes on sale this spring, this could be the car that becomes the turning point for electric vehicles.

What car coming in 2016 is most exciting to you?


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