Honda Civic: Engine Recall for 2016, Hatchback Coming for 2018


The Honda Civic hatchback is on just about anyone’s list of cool European cars that Americans can’t have.

The car is built in Europe, for Europeans, and there’s been no sign that Honda would offer it up to a clamoring American public. Why is that? Money, of course.

Adapting the car to fit American tastes and to comply with American crash and emissions standards would simply cost too much, not to mention the costs associated with building in Europe and shipping to the United States.

The math didn’t add up, so the car never came here.

But guess what? Honda has announced that it will ship the next-generation Civic hatchback from its factory in Swindon, England to the United States for the first time ever in an attempt to inject some life into its struggling European division.

Before that happens, though, Honda has a major problem to address with the 2016 Civic currently sold stateside.

Some new Civics may suffer from a potentially catastrophic flaw that could result in engine failure. About 34,000 Civics may have missing or poorly installed piston rings that could cause engines to stall or fail.

Automotive News says,

Honda Motor Co. is preparing a recall for the 2016 Civic compact in the U.S. and has ordered dealers to stop selling some versions of the car, months after beginning sales of the crucial new model.

The automaker issued a stop-sale notice to dealers in late January, spokesman Chris Martin said in an email, declining to give specific details including the number of vehicles before the official recall statement.

Honda desperately needs the Civic to be a success because cars from other automakers are more competitive than ever. The Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, and Mazda MAZDA3 are all viable alternatives, and buyers are starting to figure that out. News of potential Honda engine failure could certainly drive customers into competing dealerships.

The presence of the 2018 Civic hatchback, though, could keep customers loyal to Honda.

Honda will unveil a near production-ready U.S. Civic hatchback at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Digital Trends says,

On our shores, the Civic will be offered with gasoline-burning four-cylinder engines borrowed from Honda’s parts bin. Buyers will be asked to choose between an automatic and a manual transmission, but front-wheel drive will be the only configuration offered. Finally, a hot-rodded, Type R-badged model with over 300 horsepower on tap will join the lineup towards the end of the decade.

Once Honda gets its engine snafu sorted out, which we know it will, the future of the Civic in America looks to be brighter than ever.

Are you excited for the Honda Civic hatchback?


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