What’s Your Favorite Play Car?


Most of us have a car we use for daily commuting. It’s a practical, fuel-efficient vehicle used to transport our loved ones from one place to another.

We don’t typically use our daily drivers as toys because we want to keep them in top condition and ensure they run properly for years to come.

But where’s the fun in that? I think any car enthusiast should keep a car for weekend use or to blow off some steam after work.

What cars, though, are worthy of keeping on-hand for the sole purpose of your emotional well-being?

That, of course, depends on your budget. Whatever that is, though, there’s a fun car that will suit your needs.

Everyone has a differing view of what makes a fun car. Some people want a pure performance vehicle, some want luxury that pampers, some want off-road prowess, and some want a car just for cruising on weekend road trips.

On any driving outing you’ll notice very few cars that turn your head. Most are the same everyday car that you drive and are entirely unexciting. But when a car drives by that turns your head and makes you wonder aloud what it was, you know the driver is someone who cares about driving and enjoys the thrill of being behind the wheel of something that makes him or her feel good.

Don’t you want to be that guy?

For me personally, that car would be a Porsche 911, though buying a used one isn’t easy anymore (more on that later this week).

I defy you to start out in a bad mood, take a 911 around the block, and come back still in a bad mood. The 911, for me, is the car that removes any negativity and gives me a wry smile when I turn the ignition and grip the steering wheel. There’s something about knowing there are 300 ponies sitting behind me ready to launch me into oblivion at a moment’s notice.

My friend Ian, though, might prefer an Audi TT to toss around the track on Sundays.

I know other people who wouldn’t want anything but an old Ford 4X4 to take through mud bogs on wet spring days.

Cars should bring us joy. I know we need cars as the appliance to provide reliable transportation, but we should also feel free to invest in them as toys to enhance our mental well-being and make the work week that much more bearable.

What’s your ideal play car?


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Used Porsche 911
Used Audi TT

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