5 Cars That Represent the Remaining Presidential Candidates

2001 diablo

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at some of the cars driven by presidential candidates. Turns out, with the exception of one, they have a pretty low-key and practical taste in automobiles.

Things have changed a lot in the election process since then. Some candidates have dropped out, some have won surprising victories, and some have made it much further toward the nomination than anyone ever expected.

We’ve learned a lot about the personalities of the candidates based on their victory speeches, their interviews, and the overall brand they project to voters in the United States.

Today, let’s use that information to determine what the remaining candidates *should* be driving.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary is a people-pleaser. She wants to say the right things at the right time and appeal to the majority of people without making a lot of fuss. That’s why the Toyota Camry is the perfect car for her. Plus, we hear that the Camry has a very tight turning radius that comes in handy for those times when a U-turn is necessary.

Bernie Sanders


Bernie doesn’t hold much back. He says what’s on his mind and he’s unapologetic about it. Sanders is running a campaign that challenges conventional politics and calls into question traditional thinking regarding government programs and their roles in the lives of citizens. He’s all about function over form and results over style. What car fits that personality? The Volvo 240, of course. It’s boxy, comfortable, plain, has minimal ornamentation, and is capable of not much more than a leisurely pace. But the car revolutionized the wagon segment and has proven itself as one of the most long-lasting, reliable cars ever built.

Donald Trump


Trump invokes controversy. He’s brash and outspoken and says things that shock the world, but energizes his devoted fanbase. He commands attention and expects people to look his way when he passes. There’s nothing subtle or quiet about Mr. Trump and that’s why the bright orange Lamborghini Diablo is a perfect fit for him.

Ted Cruz


The phrase “staunchly conservative” might apply to Mr. Cruz. He’d likely be the front-runner if not for Trump, but it’s hard to look past that gleaming orange Lamborghini and see the less-flashy but very conservative Chevy Malibu parked just behind. Not the fancy new Malibu, mind you, but the 2005 model. The one that no one really notices, but continues to perform even after most people have forgotten it exists.

John Kasich


Oh, right. The Ohio governor remains in the race. Kasich, who is mathematically out of the running as far as delegates go, hopes to deprive Donald Trump of the required delegate total and snatch the nomination away at the Republican National Convention in July. Kasich is like the Ford Expedition. We’re surprised it’s still around, but it doesn’t seem that bad when we give it a second look.

Which cars best represent the remaining presidential candidates?


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  1. Hillary as a VW TDI Diesel might be more fitting; thinking herself to be above the law, exempt from the rules that govern the rest of us pawns:)

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