Faraday Teases its Mysterious Future


Mysterious car company Faraday Future hasn’t done much to shine light on its product plans or promote itself as the next up-and-coming electric car brand for the masses.

Since unveiling the raucous (and highly impractical) FFZERO1 supercar concept at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Faraday has released approximately zero product-related press releases or updates on the status of development. No one knows when, or if, the company will release a vehicle for sale or what type of vehicle it will be.

The absence of marketing is in fact great marketing. Nothing generates interest in a product like billions of dollars of mysterious investments and only the promise to “redefine our relationship with the automobile.”

We may have finally gotten a hint, though, of what’s coming next for Faraday.

At the company’s booth at the Formula E race in Long Beach, California last weekend, Autoblog caught sight of what might be a preview of things to come. They say,

As you can see in the picture above, the outline of the vehicle reveals something of a beast. We see hints of the BMW X6 or the Honda Crosstour, which we know were not the best-received vehicle designs of the past few years, in the overall shape. There’s a spiky antenna (?) towards the back and it looks like the battery pack will be buried in the floor. Of course, there are plenty of details missing here, but this appears to be the design direction that Faraday Future is headed in for its upcoming EV.

There was no press release or other information associated with the image (big surprise), but it appears the platform is an evolution of the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) that underpinned the FFZERO1 concept. Faraday explained the VPA can be modified to accommodate different wheelbase lengths, several different battery packs, and anywhere between one and four motors. In theory, it can spawn a full lineup of electric models, and whatever is teased in the above image could be the first model destined for mass production.

Based on this image alone, could there be a Faraday in your future?


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  1. I was there at the Long Beach Formula E e-Prix and of course, at the booth. They are trickling details and you can link the dots together.

    The variable platform of course means they will be able to accommodate anywhere from a Roadster to a Truck. The SUV hints are obvious, as well, as well as a smaller Crossover. Where would the US be without those vehicles?

    I was at a meeting at their office and it seems they already have plans for a full line of vehicles, all connected and autonomous ready. It just doesn’t get any better when you consider the platform allows for 1 to 4 electric motors and a series of string batteries that will give you more, or less range.

    They thought it through.

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