BMW Aims for Perfection With Possible New 6 Series


The thing about perfection is that it can’t be beat.

That’s why the word ‘perfect’ exists. There is nothing better and nothing can achieve a higher level of desirability. Perfect is as good as something can be and, by all measures, the Porsche 911 is perfect.

The 911 has all the qualities and characteristics one could ever desire from a sports car. Everything from the shape to the handling to the sound of the engine as it roars past 6,000 RPM is… in a word… perfect.

Yet other automakers continue in their attempts to achieve something beyond perfection. None have succeeded.

Mercedes-Benz tried to compete with the 911 by building the AMG GT. Road & Track said,

Put up against the AMG, the 911 offers a more natural, immersive experience. It’s more relaxing to drive at all potential velocities. Most important, on fast roads, the engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes all feel engineered to a similar potential. The Mercedes, on the other hand, sometimes feels like a rocket sled with a big parachute and a broken rudder.

End of discussion. The Jaguar F-Type has received some good press, but failed to top the 911 in nearly every category when compared head-to-head by Car and Driver.

Now BMW wants to take a shot by turning the 6 Series into a genuine 911-fighter. First, it should be noted the current 6 Series is more of a Grand Tourer than genuine sports car. It weighs nearly as much as a Holiday Inn and currently has no business in the 911’s class.

But with a new Z4 coming, and potentially even a new 8 Series, there’s room to evolve the 6 Series into something else. This means it could shrink in size. AutoExpress says the same platform for the coming Z4, which is being co-developed with Toyota, will provide the bones for the new 6 Series. Speculation suggests only a coupe and convertible might happen, which would further lend itself to competition with the 911.

There’s one very large caveat to all of this, though. Part of what makes the 911 so perfect is the placement of its engine. Unlike the F-Type, AMG GT, and 6 Series, the Porsche uses a rear-engine layout.

Until a competitor addresses that, we can safely assume that Porsche’s perfection won’t be topped anytime soon.

Can a new BMW 6 Series compete with a Porsche 911?


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