Don’t Give Up On Diesels Yet


The last few months have given us plenty of reasons to not buy a diesel vehicle.

Aside from the massive Volkswagen emissions scandal that basically exposed the oil-based fuel as a dirty alternative to gasoline, there are new allegations that Chevrolet did the same with its Cruze diesel.

Those problems began just as American car buyers were getting used to the idea of so-called “clean diesel.”

There aren’t many new diesel options are on the market today and Americans may have lost their taste for the once-promising propulsion method.

There are a few scenarios, though, where buying a diesel still makes sense.

Diesel engines are more efficient, more reliable, run cooler, and last longer than their gas-powered counterparts. The drawback, of course, is that modern diesels require expensive treatment systems to mitigate the dangerous exhaust.

When fitted with proper systems–and without cheat software–diesels meet emissions standards and are perfectly safe.

Here’s when you need a diesel:

You need a heavy-duty pickup

The emissions scandals have had no impact on full-size pickups. There’s still nothing better for long highway hauls or towing heavy loads than a Ford, Chevy, or Ram diesel truck. New diesel trucks are much more expensive than gas-powered trucks, so buying used can save you a lot of money.

You need a large family hauler

Shop for a three-row family SUV and you’ll find plenty of V6 and V8 options that get up to 20 miles per gallon on the highway. If you’re a serious road tripper and regularly tow a boat or RV, look for a used diesel SUV. The Audi Q7, Jeep Grand CherokeeVolkswagen TouaregMercedes-Benz M-Class Porsche Cayenne, and BMW X5 all can be had as oil-burners. It’s important to note that some Q7 and Touareg models are part of the Volkswagen scandal, so check the VIN before you make a purchase.

Pick up a used diesel SUV, even one with 100,000 miles on the clock, and you’ll have a long-lasting, reliable family hauler that should last long after the kids grow up and buy SUVs of their own.

Are you still interested in buying a diesel vehicle? Which one?


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