Cadillac CEO Sets Record Straight


Sometimes the auto industry’s deepest secrets are revealed in the comment sections of blogs.

If, of course, the president of an auto company wants to correct an ill-informed writer.

That’s what happened last week when the outspoken leader of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen, read an article on which he couldn’t resist commenting. In the process, he mapped out the company’s product plans for the next few years.

The original article detailed Cadillac’s product delays, changes to the upcoming product line, and the debut of the Cadillac Escala concept.

Evidently, not all of the information presented was correct, and De Nysschen called the writer out.

He said,

Sir, your well-written article was just brought to my attention and I feel obliged to respond. I do not know the sources of your information, but must assume they cannot be very high ranking, certainly they do not have access to the full spectrum of information. Some of what you report is correct, some incorrect, most is conjecture. I would just say I’m a lot more optimistic than the gist of this article would have readers believe.

Here’s what I love about this: de Nysschen doesn’t feel too important or too big to get involved. If he sees incorrect information about his company, he will politely correct it. This is a guy, obviously, who does have the full spectrum of information and wasn’t shy to lay out his plans.

He didn’t wait for an auto show or release the information in a carefully orchestrated press release, but in the comments of a regular old blog. That’s my kind of auto exec.

The product plan includes at least two new crossover SUVs, which are key since crossovers are the fastest-growing segment of the luxury market.

de Nysschen also mentioned the addition of some “New Energy” vehicles, such as plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. Finally, Cadillac’s CEO revealed that a new flagship model will not be a typical four-door sedan. Instead, it could follow the market’s demand and be an ultra-luxury SUV.

That could finally put Cadillac on par with Land Rover and Porsche, which, if I’m not mistaken, is de Nysschen’s ultimate plan.

If I’m wrong, though, I’m ready to stand corrected.

Will more luxury SUVs and crossovers from Cadillac make you more likely to buy one?


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