Camaro Follows Mustang to Europe… Sort Of


The Ford Mustang, a longtime staple of Americana and an icon of modern muscle cars, is now available in Europe and has received an exceptionally warm welcome so far.

For most of the last 50 years, European drivers could only look across the great pond and wonder what owning a Mustang would be like. Ford has turned that wonder into reality and now delivers right-hand-drive Mustangs, many with the 5.0-liter V8, to European countries.

There has been much rejoicing.

Chevrolet has surely noticed Ford’s European party, but hasn’t made a peep about any Euro Camaro plans.

Until now.

Yes, the Camaro is about to enter Europe, but it’s pretty clear Chevy has thrown in the towel on trying to compete with the Mustang there.

Chevrolet will allocate just 18 Camaros to Europe. Fifteen of those will be coupes, and only 3 will be convertibles. Why such a laughably small shipment to a continent that’s obviously hungry for American muscle?

For one, Chevy has opted to skip building Camaros with right-hand drive, meaning the steering wheel will be on the wrong side for European drivers. If you’ve ever driven the U.K.’s small roads and tight roundabouts, you know how harrowing the experience can be. Add a large car with small windows and the pedals on the wrong side, and, well, drivers might as well enter those roundabouts in a power slide with their eyes closed.

The Camaro will be offered either as a 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder or with the massive 6.2-liter V8. Pricing will come in thousands more than the Mustang’s, putting the Camaro at a further disadvantage.

Why is Chevy even bothering with the hassle of shipping just 18 cars to Europe? It’s probably a test to see how fast the cars get gobbled up and to see what kind of demand exists. Still, being such a small number, the cars will probably go to collectors looking for exclusivity.

If the thought of an exclusive 4-cylinder Camaro makes you laugh, take a moment to be thankful that you live in a country where Camaros can be had, relatively cheaply, at dealerships all over the place.

Whether you live in the U.K. or the U.S., what’s your preference: Mustang or Camaro? Why?


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