Mitsubishi: Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New


Mitsubishi doesn’t make the news cycle very often, especially when it comes to product-related news. The brand has, unfortunately, had plenty of coverage in recent months regarding its manipulation of fuel-economy results on vehicles in Japan.

Nothing guarantees news coverage like a scandal.

Mitsubishi’s admission of wrongdoing led to a heavy drop in stock value, a billion dollar net loss, and Nissan’s virtual takeover of the embattled company.

Still, though, the company is moving forward with new products while it phases out the old.

First, the much-loved Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is finally finished. Last week Mitsubishi announced that the very last Evo for the U.S. market would be auctioned on eBay for charity.

The auction ends today at 9 a.m. and will top out with a price well above MSRP. Mitsubishi is donating all of the proceeds to food banks across southern California.

While we’re sad to see the Evo go, it’s good to see the last one doing good for people in need. As of this writing, the price is up to $71,000. We’ll update this story with the amount of the winning bid.

While Mitsubishi says goodbye to the high-powered fun of its past, the company is welcoming an efficient future.

Unveiled in advance of the Paris Motor Show, the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept shows the dimensions and design elements that could find their way into the next Outlander. The concept, and presumably the coming SUV, will be a plug-in hybrid that should offer up to 75 miles of electric-only driving and a combined range of a whopping 746 miles thanks to its internal combustion engine.

That all sounds great… but what about that face?

The GT-PHEV is an extreme departure from the Mitsubishis of the past. The front end invokes thoughts of a Nissan Juke and Toyota 4Runner but with a tightly cinched belt that’s riding way too high. The rest of the vehicle is far less polarizing and should appeal to U.S. car buyers looking for utility and economy.

The Outlander PHEV should go on sale in the U.S. by next summer.

What do you think about the new face of Mitsubishi?


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  1. The Final Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution sold for $76,400! All of the proceeds will go to food banks in California. What a great send-off for a legendary car.

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