Finally, a Civic Type R for America

Honda_Civic_Type R

The Honda Civic has evolved into a practical and conservative form of transportation meant for folks who simply need a compact car that promises years of trouble-free existence.

The Civic doesn’t promise overly good looks or finely tuned driving dynamics. It doesn’t boast about acceleration numbers or compare horsepower ratings with competing cars. What it does do is offer good fuel economy and a comfortable, pleasant driving experience for the commute to work.

The Civic Type R, though, is a different beast. While it still wears the Civic name, the Type R is a formidable road racer that should instill fear into the hearts of any neighboring car at a stoplight.

And it’s coming to America with the intent of punching every other hot hatch right in the face.

Motor Trend says,

This is the first concrete look at the Americanized Civic Type R since the Japanese automaker confirmed it last year. It appears we’re getting the full-fat hatchback, similar to the European and Japanese market cars. Honda is keen to call this a “prototype,” but we expect the majority of these features to worm their way into production.

Whereas the conventional Civic looks ordinary and conservative, the Type R looks angry and ready to reclaim its crown as king of the hot hatches.

The car has a front splitter, a pair of side skirts, a rear diffuser made from carbon fiber, a hood vent, and of course, a spoiler of monumental proportions mounted on the trunk. To make it even more aggressive, the prototype car is finished with a “highly reflective, finely-grained brushed aluminum effect.”

A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder will likely lurk underneath that hood scoop to produce 305 horsepower. That power is routed to the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. Thankfully, the stick will be the only transmission available on the Type R.

If you want to see the car in person before it goes on sale in the U.S., head over to the Paris Motor Show in October or see it in Las Vegas at SEMA in November.

What are the odds that a Honda Civic Type R will wind up in your garage?


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  1. My biggest regret in my lifetime was selling my HONDA CIVIC 5 Speed CX with power sunroof, great sporty wheels (not the usual ones) and manual everything else. It took 10 mins to change a flat, once. It cost $10 a week in gas, and it was agile, hugged the road in rain and easy to clear 1.5 feet of snow around it and drive through the snow. No need for AC – small engine created little heat and the wide open window space and sunroof was great on a sunny day in NY in August. . . My Inline 6 Jeep is torture, and for sale.

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