2018 Honda Odyssey Teased… and It’s Remarkable


Honda just gave us one of the coolest automotive teasers we’ve ever seen for the upcoming 2018 Odyssey. The Odyssey, of course, is one of the most popular minivans in the world and is much loved by the under-35 crowd, making it about as cool as minivans can get. Since the essential purpose of a minivan is the transport of kids and kid-related gear, Honda felt it appropriate to delineate teaser duties to children.

And the results are remarkable.

The new iteration of the Odyssey will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next month, but the completely redesigned family hauler is already generating a fair share of hype. To find the actual teaser, pictured above, we had to sort through a wide assortment of children’s drawings.

Honda’s Odyssey development team called upon their children to draw pictures of the new minivan, and it’s safe to say their teasers don’t give anything away, unless you were worried that it wouldn’t come with doors.

The kids can be forgiven for the oversight of doors, because it looks like Honda did a great job of hiding them—and the sliding door tracks—in the window line.



The real teaser image is about as jaw-dropping as teasers for minivans can get. The sloped roof, wedge shape, and floating D-pillars contribute to a ravishing design that we haven’t seen on a minivan since the Pontiac Trans Sport. We hope the new Odyssey catches on fire a little less often than the old Pontiac did.

Honda has promised that the 2018 Odyssey will feature new powertrain options and a whole host of new features including advanced connectivity and entertainment, though we don’t know what those will be just yet.

The minivan market has gone stagnant in the last few years, though Chrysler injected some much-needed excitement with the new Pacifica. Honda’s Odyssey, though, looks like it could become the most remarkable minivan launch in recent memory, while making the Pacifica seem decidedly normal.

The official unveiling happens on January 9 in Detroit, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what surprises Honda has in store. After a teaser like this, we’re expecting something great.

How does the new Honda Odyssey look to you so far?


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