Coming Soon: A Hybrid Mustang (With V8 Power)


People get all bent out of shape when reading about their beloved Mustang going hybrid.

“I need my V8,” they say.

“A Mustang can’t be electric,” they say.

Part of the reason for the anti-hybrid sentiment is the legacy of the Prius. The slow, emotionless Toyota has branded hybrids as unexciting and something for the performance-minded to avoid altogether.

So the idea of a hybrid Mustang, the epitome of tire-smoking V8 power, has folks, well, up in smoke.

Ford announced plans last Tuesday to make a hybrid version of the Mustang that will be powered by electric motors as well as a gasoline engine.

The automaker hasn’t said what kind of gas engine it’ll use, but promised “V8 power.” That doesn’t necessarily mean a V8 engine, just the power equivalent of one.

CNN said,

This hybrid Mustang will not be a plug-in car. Like a Toyota Prius, the only electricity the new hybrid Mustang will use will be what is generated by the car itself and stored in a powerful battery pack. The new Mustang would not have a substantial all-electric driving range like a plug-in hybrid, but it should still use a lot less gas than a similarly powerful non-hybrid Mustang.

Ford’s announcement also included plans for a hybrid F-150 and an all-electric 300-mile range SUV, in addition to hybrid versions of police vehicles.

The automaker will also build other new hybrid and electric vehicles, most of which will be assembled right here in the U.S. after scrapping plans for a new plant in Mexico.

The hybrid Mustang and F-150 are expected for 2020. Ford is hopeful that the future of cars is electric and that EVs and hybrids will outsell gas-powered cars in the not-too-distant future.

Would you choose a V8 Mustang, or a hybrid Mustang with “V8 power”?


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