Apple Faces Lawsuit for not Preventing Texting and Driving

I made a promise to my family to not text while driving. Doing so is wildly dangerous and irresponsible, but also incredibly easy and tempting.

On any day, in any city around the country, a driver can look into the windows of surrounding cars and see a driver typing on his or her phone.

That driver will no longer be me, because I’ve decided that I control my phone instead of my phone controlling me. I won’t let it put my life, nor the lives of my loved ones, at risk.

Rather than taking responsibility for their own texting habits, some drivers want to sue one of the world’s largest makers of smartphones. The alleged crime? Making texting while driving possible. Or rather, not making it impossible.

Automotive News said yesterday,

Apple is facing a potential class-action lawsuit in California for declining to deploy technology that could prevent iPhone users from texting while driving.

The complaint, filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims that Apple has had the ability to block texting capabilities while someone is driving since 2008, and seeks to halt all sales of the iPhone until the tech giant installs the preventative software.

Have we become so enslaved to our phones that we can’t even make our own decisions about when it’s safe to use them? Suing the maker of the phones makes as much sense as suing the carrier for having service along roads. Or suing the asphalt company that laid the roads for providing a place where traffic accidents can happen.

It’s not Apple’s responsibility to govern when and how its products are used, it’s the customer’s responsibility to use the products safely.

The American CDC says at least eight people are killed every day, and an average of 1,161 injured, in accidents involving a distracted driver. Why wait for software to prevent you from using your phone when you can just set it down and focus on driving?

Do you think Apple should be held responsible for drivers who text and drive?


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  1. Well, why not sue auto manufacturers for not putting a kill switch in their cars….Stupid question stupid answer. the cars can do almost everything but wipe asses now a days…

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