2018 Mustang Revealed, Bullitt Edition a Possibility

Almost 50 years ago a Mustang GT and a Dodge Charger R/T sped through the streets of San Francisco in an epic high-speed chase.

It happened in a movie, of course, and remains one of the most exciting and influential chase scenes in cinema history. The movie, “Bullitt,” came out in 1968, which means the 50th anniversary is next year.

A refreshed Mustang is due for 2018, and we have a pretty good idea of what it’ll look like and what engines it’ll have (no V6!?).

Plus, there’s a good chance that Ford will bless us with an all-new 50th anniversary edition of the Mustang Bullitt.

According to Road & Track, the refreshed Mustang will not be offered with a V6, since most tend to end up in rental fleets instead of personal garages. Instead Ford will push its EcoBoost 4-cylinder and the V8. The GT versions will also have more features typically reserved for the uplevel Shelby GT350, including dual-mode sports exhaust and MagneRide suspension.

The front face also receives a modest refresh.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the hotly anticipated redesign, just an update. The all-new Mustang should come in 2020.

But Ford may have something special up its sleeve while we wait. CarScoops says,

Images of what seem to show a new 2018 or 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt appeared on a board placed in a behind-the-scenes video featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson while he was shooting a commercial at FoMoCo’s Dearborn facility.

The sketchboards that come into focus just after the three-minute mark and which contain renderings and drawings of future Mustangs were noticed by a member of the Mustang6G forums.

While the Mustang in Bullitt has reached legendary status, Ford has created Bullitt versions only twice, once in 2001 and again in 2008. A 50th anniversary version, if the leaked photos are correct, will come in Dark Highland Green, have the famous two-tone thrust-style wheels, and the de-badged grille.

Would you want a Mustang Bullitt special edition?


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  1. I would love a 50th edition Bullitt. I had the 2008 but I was too short and couldn’t see over the dash very well. I now have the 50th edition Mustang, but loved my Bullitt and would trade in a minute.

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