Coming Back to a Dealership Near You: Volkswagen TDI!

Volkswagen has approval to bring back the diesels!

Not since 2015 has a VW TDI left a dealer’s lot. In September of that year, news broke that the German automaker had been cheating on government emissions tests and its diesel-powered cars actually emitted many times the legal limits of nitrogen oxides during normal driving conditions. All new diesel-powered Volkswagens were suddenly illegal and a stop-sale followed immediately.

No doubt you’re overly familiar with the scandal and its far-reaching fallout that killed not only VW’s diesel business, but has virtually knocked diesel out of the American market just as it was gaining steam here.

After criminal charges and billions of dollars in fines and repair costs, the EPA has finally approved Volkswagen to sell repaired 2015 TDI models in the U.S.

The approval applies to 67,000 2015 model year cars, 12,000 of which are still in possession of dealers around the country.

Automotive News said,

Reviving diesel sales marks a significant milestone in VW’s efforts to recover from the scandal and rebuild its relationship with environmental regulators. It also returns a key product to dealer showrooms that attracted a cult-like customer base and accounted for about 20 percent of the VW brand’s pre-scandal sales.

So, if Volkswagen follows through on the approval, we could see brand new two-year-old 2015 Volkswagen TDIs for sale in dealerships at what should be cut-rate prices.

As the old saying goes, though, hurry because quantities are limited.

Volkswagen has made it clear that it won’t build new diesel-powered cars for the foreseeable future, instead focusing on efficient gas engines and electric cars.

The EPA approval also means we could see thousands of used TDIs come onto the market as VW unloads cars it bought back from customers in 2016.

Initial fears of substantially reduced fuel economy as a result of the fix are so far unfounded, though some owners are describing a noticeable decrease in performance. If rocketing from 0-60 isn’t a top priority for you, a fixed TDI could be a fuel-efficient and economical choice.

If, that is, you can find it in your heart to forgive one of the most heinous deceptions in automotive history.

Will you buy a repaired Volkswagen TDI?


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  1. i will love to see vw bring back the TDIs back to the marked there was nuthing rong with their cars
    the us Government & EPA just want money.
    i called it politic schedule not emissions scandeule
    donald trump rolled back the EPA so we can see more TDI DIESEL on the road again

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