Wrangler Pickup Will Challenge Conventional Compacts

Will you want a Wrangler truck if it looks like this?

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most desired off-road machines ever built and has retained its iconic shape for decades. The long-rumored and highly anticipated truck version would likely keep the Wrangler’s design cues but sacrifice some of its ability to crawl over boulder-strewn trails. What the truck would lose in off-road prowess, though, it would gain in hauling capability.

We know for sure that a Wrangler truck will debut in the United States sometime in the next couple of years. Our money is on a 2019 model year, but Jeep isn’t talking specifics just yet.

A Wrangler pickup won’t have the same off-road chops as the original, but that’s okay. With the compact truck segment on fire, anything with a Jeep logo and a truck bed is sure to roll off dealership lots as fast as Jeep can deliver them.

If you need further proof that a Wrangler truck is on the way, new spy images have surfaced that show a stretched wheelbase, four doors, and a short truck bed integrated into the body. All that extra length will be detrimental to approach and departure angles, but that shouldn’t matter to the people shopping for a Jeep-branded compact truck.

Even through the heavily camouflaged spy shots, it’s pretty clear the truck will look the part. Road and Track said,

Up front, we can see Jeep’s famous seven-slat grille, and we can barely make out the horizontal LED daytime-running lamps the 2018 Wrangler is widely believed to receive. The bed on this truck also looks much more production-ready than the one seen on the Wrangler pickup prototype that was spied last year. Around back, you can see rectangular taillights that are very similar to today’s JK-generation Wrangler, though covered in heavy camouflage.

While it might feel like the Wrangler truck is coming to market a little too late to take advantage of the compact truck boom, the timing might actually be perfect. By 2019 or 2020, buyers may be getting a little too accustomed to trucks from Chevy, GMC, Toyota, and Honda. A Jeep truck might be just the breath of fresh air that buyers need.

If, of course, they can take their eyes off of the new Ford Ranger that should debut at about the same time.

Look two years into the future. Are you driving a new Jeep Wrangler pickup or the all-new Ford Ranger?


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