New to the Used Market: Volvo XC40

As the first used example of the Volvo XC40 arrives on CarGurus, we thought it was worth reflecting on just why this SUV has created such a buzz. After all, not so long ago the arrival of a new Volvo was greeted with all the anticipation of the opening of a bank statement, and yet here we all are seriously contemplating the switch to a Swedish motor not only for its sensible safety credentials, but because it’s – dare we say it? – one of the coolest cars around.

The first used XC40 to be listed for sale on CarGurus is, as you’d expect, a delivery mileage example (only 650 miles have rolled under its wheels to date), and comes with Volvo’s excellent D4 diesel engine. This 2.0-litre, four-cylinder unit channels its 187bhp through Volvo’s all-wheel-drive system to give a 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds and as much as 55.4mpg in EU fuel economy tests. To drive it feels decently swift and works well alongside the eight-speed automatic gearbox, although a six-speed manual is also available.

Indeed, the whole driving experience is really rather lovely, with an excellent ride quality that seems to defy its big wheels by being smooth around town and over speed bumps, despite the XC40 not being available with any kind of fancy adaptive suspension system. The steering is light but accurate, the ride quiet, and the raised driving position helps with forward visibility. In fact, because it’s a relatively wide car the XC40 feels bigger to drive than it actually is, like a proper 4×4 rather than the compact sibling to the XC60 and XC90.

All XC40s come laden with equipment such as a 9-inch portrait infotainment touchscreen, digital dials, dual-zone climate control, LED headlights and parking sensors.

However, in this case of early cars it gets better still, because all of the the initial batch of XC40s to enter the country are in First Edition spec, which also includes heated leather seats, a heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charger and an upgraded Harman Kardon audio system among the many extras. Then there are the clever design touches, like the little hook that folds out from the lid of the glovebox to hang your shopping from, or the fact the speakers have been moved from the doors to the dashboard to create more in-car storage. It’s all just very neat.

First Edition versions of the XC40 also come with Volvo’s Pilot Assist system as standard. This consists of adaptive cruise control that can keep the car a set distance from the vehicle in front, as well as a lane keeping assist function that will adjust the steering to keep you in the centre of your lane. Combined these give the Volvo XC40 semi-autonomous driving capability, and while it might not quite inspire enough confidence for full hands off the wheel ‘driving’, it’s certainly helpful to know the systems are working in the background on a long and monotonous motorway journey.

Elsewhere the range of standard safety features on the XC40 includes automatic LED headlights, plus automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and large animal detection. Also clever is the oncoming lane mitigation, which can automatically steer you back into your lane if you start to drift or turn towards oncoming traffic.

As to the question of why you’d buy a used XC40 rather than a new one, consider that anybody placing an order today will need to wait six months until their shiny new car is delivered, whereas used examples are available to take home immediately. What’s more, while the discount over a new model isn’t likely to be huge just yet, nor is it to be sniffed at, especially when there’s still much of the original three-year manufacturer warranty left to run. 

So it is that as we welcome the XC40 to CarGurus listings the used car market gains an exciting new addition. We look forward to seeing plenty more examples of this very desirable Volvo in due course.

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