Nissan Qashqai Used Car Video Review

When the original Nissan Qashqai arrived on the scene at the end of 2006 it kickstarted a revolution in the way people thought about family transport. Here was a car that offered all of the space and much of the stylistic appeal of an SUV, but with the low purchase price and running costs of a five-door hatchback.

Others were swift to follow, but by being the first of the big players on the scene in this new so-called crossover class Nissan leapt into a lead that the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen have since been racing to close down. The second-generation Qashqai of 2014 moved the game on further still, with chiseled styling and an even more refined driving experience, while maintaining excellent fuel economy and in some cases even qualifying for free road tax. It’s therefore no wonder that the second-generation Qashqai is an incredibly popular used car, but what do you need to consider if you’re in the market for one?

Our latest CarGurus used car video review (above) answers exactly that as we talk you through the Qashqai’s various strengths and weaknesses. It includes:

  • A demonstration of how its boot can be configured in various ways
  • A guide to how spacious its interior is for passengers
  • Key features to look out for
  • Explanation of the various engines and gearboxes
  • Maintenance tips

The video is the latest instalment in our series of weekly used car reviews, which are published both here on the CarGurus UK blog and on our YouTube channel.

Head to CarGurus to see a list of used Nissan Qashqais for sale, and don’t forget to check out the CarGurus UK YouTube channel for more used car reviews – hit the subscribe button while you’re there and we’ll keep you posted when our latest reviews go live.

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