The 10 Best Selling New Cars in 2018

While CarGurus is a used car marketplace, we also feel it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening in the new car market. After all, today’s new cars are tomorrow’s nearly new ones. What that in mind, below we’ve rounded up the 10 best selling new cars on sale in the UK so far this year. By following the links below each car you’ll be able to find approved used examples for sale via CarGurus, with potential savings of thousands of pounds.

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the trade body that supports the interests of the UK automotive industry, there have been 2.064 million new cars registered so far in 2018. Of those, 62.3% are powered by petrol engines, while 5.9% are alternative fuel vehicles such as plug-in hybrid or electric, and 31.8% are diesel.

That last statistic is particularly important, because it represents a fall in demand for diesel of more than 30% compared with the first 10 months of 2017, a change brought about due to a combination of anti-diesel sentiment and changes to VED road tax rates that were introduced in April 2017.

Below we’ve rounded up the best selling cars of 2018 so far, with links to approved used examples listed for sale on CarGurus. To see how the list compares with its used car equivalent, see our guide to The 10 Most Popular Used Cars in the UK.

Ford Fiesta
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 84,980
The Fiesta has been a dominant force in the new car market for years now, with buyers loving its combination of affordability, low running costs and excellent driving dynamics that ensure it is both fun and comfortable. The latest version also features a much improved interior.
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Volkswagen Golf
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 55,927
It is now three years since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke, not that the ongoing consequences seem to be doing much to harm sales of the Golf. Facelifted in 2017, the latest Golf is classy, roomy and has an engine to suit your every need.
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Vauxhall Corsa
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 46,057
Although some way behind the Ford Fiesta in terms of sales, the latest Vauxhall Corsa is still a good bet, particularly when you factor in how keenly priced it is. The Corsa is well equipped these days too, with features such as a heated steering wheel and excellent touchscreen system all on offer.
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Nissan Qashqai
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 44,742
Nissan is credited with starting the public’s craze for crossovers, a class it created with the original Qashqai of 2006. More than a decade later the second-generation Qashqai continues to be hugely popular on account of the way it combines SUV space and styling with the performance and running costs of a normal family car.
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Ford Focus
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 43,505
A new Ford Focus might be waiting in the wings, but that hasn’t stopped people flocking to the current model in the first seven months of 2018, spurred on no doubt by some tempting finance options. A great choice it is too, for the Focus remains one of the best handling cars in the family car class, not to mention good value for money.
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Volkswagen Polo
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 37,106
Volkswagen launched its sixth-generation Polo at the beginning of the year. As with its predecessors, this latest Polo majors on offering a big car feel in a small package, and as a result is a seriously refined little car.
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Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 37,084
Given the popularity of the MINI in both three- and five-door forms it’s no surprise that changes for the 2018 facelift were fairly discrete. So there’s an improved infotainment system, more safety equipment and personalisation options than before, and some snazzy Union Jack rear lights.
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Ford Kuga
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 35,327
With three models in the top 10 best sellers list Ford clearly still knows how to appeal to the UK market, whether it’s with conventional cars like the Fiesta and Focus, or SUVs such as the Kuga. As with its smaller siblings, the Kuga stands out for being very satisfying to drive, and is also a refined cruiser. Do, however, check that the boot is big enough to meet your requirements.
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Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 35,139
Although there’s a new Mercedes A-Class (pictured) now on sale, it is the previous generation model that can claim the credit for getting the car into the top 10 best sellers list over the first seven months of 2018. A hugely popular car for Mercedes, the A-Class offers the look, feel and quality people expect of a car wearing the three-pointed star, but at a surprisingly affordable price.
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Kia Sportage
Number sold in first ten months of 2018: 31,338
When Kia released its third-generation Sportage in 2010 it marked a fundamental shift in the company’s design language that has since been rolled out to other models in its range. However, it is the Sportage which has gone on to prove most successful in the UK market; this Qashqai-sized SUV regularly features in the list of the 10 best selling new cars. The latest version was introduced in 2015 and like its predecessor offers a compelling combination of design, space, performance and equipment, all at competitive prices.
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