Fiat 500 Used Car Video Review

The Fiat 500 demonstrates just how successful retro-themed motoring can be. When it was launched in 2007 (50 years to the day since the launch of the original Fiat 500), it showed just how successfully an old but much-loved design could be reimagined for modern buyers, combing vintage charm and cheekiness with the kind of safety features, comfort, fuel economy and running costs buyers today have come to expect.

In this CarGurus Used Car Review we pay a visit to used car supermarket Fords of Winsford to borrow a used Fiat 500 (it has around 20 for sale at any one time) so that we can tell you a bit more about how it fares as a second-hand car.

So not only do we consider just what makes the Fiat 500 so popular, but also look into how practical it is, talk about what it’s like to drive and consider the running costs of the various models, including why the two-cylinder TwinAir might not be quite as frugal as you’d expect.

Additionally we point out areas any used buyer should look out for, and explain how conducting your search via CarGurus can save you time, money and hassle. For that thank our unique Instant Market Value technology, which compares the price of any particular car with similar models currently listed for sale, telling you if it represents a fair deal or not for a car of its age, mileage and specification.

By presenting the best deals first in your search results, as well as allowing you to easily filter listings depending on the features you’re most interested in, CarGurus represents a unique way to search for used cars. Throw in dealer ratings provided by real car buyers and it really can make finding your next car so much easier.

So if you’ve watched the video and can see yourself behind the wheel of a Fiat 500, don’t forget to head to the CarGurus website to begin your search.

With thanks to Fords of Winsford for providing the Fiat 500 in our video. See their full stock on the CarGurus UK website.

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