BMW 1 Series (F20) Used Car Video Review

When the original BMW 1 Series arrived on the scene in 2004 it stood out from rival compact executive cars for being rear-wheel drive. The same is true of the second-generation 1 Series, known as the F20, which arrived in 2011 and is the subject of our latest CarGurus Used Car Video review.

Although it maintains a similar silhouette to its predecessor, the F20 BMW 1 Series was an all-new car, and more advanced in every important area. It was more spacious and practical, for a start, plus motorway refinement had improved, the engines were more efficient and interior quality had come on in leaps and bounds. In fact, aside from it being a little smaller inside than a BMW 3 Series, the F20 generation of 1 Series feels every bit as good.

For our review we tracked down a 125d example of the 1 Series at used car supermarket Fords of Winsford, and set about exploring how it fares as a used buy. To do so we consider not only its practical side and talk about what it’s like to drive (spoiler alert: it’s excellent), but also offer a few tips on what versions might suit different requirements, and any common problems worth bearing in mind.

Remember too that if the idea of a rear-wheel-drive car isn’t your cup of tea, BMW also sold a four-wheel-drive version of the 1 Series badged as the xDrive.

As ever, our review is intended to give you enough information to help narrow down your choice of car, and combines with CarGurus unique search tools to help take the uncertainty out of buying a used car. Among these tools is our Instant Market Value analysis, which compares the price of a car with similar models listed for sale to create a deal rating. Additionally we encourage users to leave dealer reviews so that good customer service can be rewarded, and show how long each car has been advertised for sale in order to help when it comes to negotiating a fair price.

As you’d expect, on the CarGurus website you can filter your search results by specific trim levels or options, as well as request to only see cars for sale within your local area, or only look for models with specific features such as sat nav. So if you’re thinking about buy a BMW 1 Series don’t forget to begin your search at CarGurus, where you’ll be able to see how our unique approach is bringing more transparency to the used car market.

With thanks to Fords of Winsford for providing the BMW 1 Series in our video. See their full stock on the CarGurus UK website.

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