Perfect Chariots for a New Bride and Groom

1933 Packard Eight

My brother got married over the weekend to the love of his life.

The outdoor wedding under mild afternoon sun was picture-perfect. There was an open bar, lots of dancing and, of course, nothing but smiles and laughter (thanks in part to the open bar).

As the night wore down, I was taken by surprise by a car that gracefully rolled up the long gravel driveway to the reception site… a 1933 Packard Eight instantly recognizable by the trademark headlights, side-mounted spare tires and winged hood ornament (not to be confused with the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy).

The American luxury car of the Great Depression was the chariot of choice to escort the groom and his bride to their lavish downtown hotel; a better choice I could not have suggested myself.

But, should I have been asked which autos I might recommend to chauffeur a newly wedded couple from the reception to the beginning of marital bliss, I would have also included any of these fine automobiles:

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