2013 Honda Civic Tries to Bring Back the Passion

2013 Honda Civic

2013 Honda Civic

In its First Drive review of the 2012 Honda Civic, Car & Driver said,

The Civic lacks the passion, soul, and entertaining driving dynamics of its predecessor. Mainstream buyers may not care, but enthusiasts surely will.

That echoes the theme for the 2012 Civic from virtually all auto reviewers and even led to Consumer Reports revoking the car from its “Recommended” list. It’s a stumble from Honda that used to be unthinkable but seems to be more common with today’s models (specifically the Crosstour and Ridgeline).

To Honda’s credit, it’s been able to act fast and provide an “emergency refresh” for the 2013 Civic, pictures of which were released yesterday and posted on Facebook. Will the quick tweaks be enough to get that lost passion back?

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Cars Coming Soon: Updates for Honda Crosstour, a Better Civic and a New Lexus Stunner

Lexus LF-LC concept

Lexus: The Car Company for Stodgy Old People.

There was a time when that could have been the slogan for the Japanese luxury brand. The popular LS 400 is what the “in” crowd of 60+ year-olds had to be seen driving. The era of comfortable cruising cars continued with the LS 460, and Lexus’ reputation for offering “Toyotas with a spit shine” continued with its ES and GS cars. The RX, GX and LX SUVs were, and are, popular among moms in upper-class suburbia.

What Lexus never stood for before was sexy performance.

But then something incredible happened.

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