Jeep Cherokee Problems Keep Vehicles from Dealerships

2014 Jeep Cherokee

Going from a manual transmission to a car equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) can be a bit jarring. I’ve driven a 5-speed for as long as I can remember, and sitting down in an auto-equipped car sends my senses into no man’s land every time I step on the clutch pedal that isn’t there.

The feeling is amplified when I drive a car with a continuously variable transmission, since my brain is programmed to feel a shift of gears at very precise moments in an engine’s rev cycle. When shifts don’t happen, I get dizzy and confused.

Strange, I suppose, but true.

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The Great Cherokee Debate: New or Used?

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Some will say Jeep has gone soft.

The original Cherokee, the more refined but still muscular Grand Cherokee, and the go-anywhere Wrangler have kept the Jeep brand name the only one on the shopping lists of America-loving off-road purists.

Owning a Jeep meant getting it dirty on the weekends, then proudly driving it to work on Monday still caked in dried mud. Somewhere along the line, owning a Jeep turned into taking it to family BBQs then driving it to work covered in nothing more than water spots from an over-spraying lawn sprinkler.

When Jeep announced the coming revival of the Cherokee name, enthusiasts clamored at the gates, hoping for a throwback to the boxy and capable greatness of yore.

What they got was, well, the new Cherokee.

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Whoa! 2014 Jeep Cherokee Goes Rebel!

2014 Jeep Cherokee

To be clear, what you’re looking at is not the 2014 Jeep *Grand* Cherokee. What you behold above is the replacement for the Jeep Liberty, which will carry on the Cherokee legacy.

Most of us remember the old Jeep Cherokee as a utilitarian box of off-road prowess that shuttled plenty of hunters and backpackers safely into the back country. The Cherokee was as utilitarian as an SUV could be, and almost as ugly. Well, some called it ugly, while others appreciated the basic simplicity of what the Cherokee represented.

So when rumors flew that the Cherokee name would return as the Liberty retired, it was natural to wonder if the boxy retro goodness would come back, too.


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