J.D. Power’s 2014 Ten Best for Initial Quality

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The auto press usually focuses on new cars this time of year, but another reason the midwinter months can be exciting is from the used car perspective. Around this time of year, some of the cars that were brand new last year are starting to appear on used car lots. 2014 models have had their time in the spotlight, and now’s your chance to try to find one for a bargain. There likely won’t be a hugely significant price change, mind you, but you can (we hope) expect a barely year-old vehicle to be in decent shape. Even if these cars are still on new lots, you can expect the dealerships to offer some great deals to move that inventory and make way for the plethora of ’15s and ’16s they’re receiving.

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World’s First Porsche Much Like a 2014 Porsche


The Porsche P1 might be considered rare by some people. It’s an electric model, so you might think it’s a fairly recent development, but in fact the P1 is an 1898 model.

Yes, that’s right. The world’s first Porsche was built in 1898. As in 116 years ago.

The small, open-top car was built by Ferdinand Porsche when he was just 22. It’s the first car he ever built.

Some 30 years later, the same Ferdinand Porsche would form a company that initially designed German tanks for WWII and then vehicles such as the original Volkswagen Beetle. After the war, the company focused on building sports cars, and the first Porsche under that umbrella was the Type 356 in 1948.

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