California Gas Prices Looking More Like European Gas Prices

L.A. gas prices

I may have picked the wrong time to go to Los Angeles.

October is normally a nice time to visit, as the heat has eased off and the perpetual smog and/or fire smoke has been cleared by the freshness of early Autumn. This year, though, my timing to visit Southern California could be some of the worst yet. Not because of fires or earthquakes or Academy Awards ceremonies, but because of gas prices.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a city more reliant on personal transportation than L.A., with miles of freeways all jam-packed with frustrated motorists burning fuel while slogging toward the next interchange.

Fuel that now costs, in some places, over $5 per gallon.

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The Upside of $5 Gas

$5 gas

So, you’ve just filled up the tank of your Chevy Silverado, and your wallet is a good $85 lighter.

Yeah, you moan and complain and curse out the Exxon Mobil execs and their multimillion-dollar yachts that your driving habits support, yet you continue dropping the cash every week to make sure the ol’ truck is properly hydrated.

If gas hits $5 per gallon this summer, as some experts predict, the bill to fill up a 2010 Silverado’s 26-gallon tank will come to $130.

While expensive fuel is a serious budget-breaker for many individuals, it does have its benefits for the collective good. Well, at least according to one columnist…

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