Just 6,000 Subaru BRZ Coupes Headed to U.S., Expect Heavy Premiums

2013 Subaru BRZ

The quest to bring home a Subaru BRZ just changed from a leisurely shopping experience into an all-out competition.

The BRZ, of course, is the result of Subaru’s partnership with Toyota that will also bring the Scion FR-S to the U.S. and the Toyota GT-86 to other parts of the world. By all accounts, the cars deliver on their promise to be affordable, fun RWD sports cars.

Car and Driver, citing correspondence with an unnamed Subaru dealer, reports that only 6,000 BRZ coupes will be imported into the U.S. for the 2013 model year. That makes sense considering Subaru’s business case for the car, which called for sales of 5,000 to 7,000 units at roughly $25,000 each to achieve profitability.

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