Your Next Radio Station Change, Brought to You by Allstate?

Cadillac XTS CUE display

Inside my car is about the only place left where I can find complete solitude and turn off the outside world if choose. I can either play my Korn albums as loud as I want, listen to NPR if I choose or bask in the glory of silence and a pleasing exhaust note.

As Frank Costanza used to say, it’s my “Serenity now!”

Aside from the outdoor advertising along the roads I travel, when I’m in my car I can be completely free of ads from companies hungry for my money. Soon, though, even the sacred space inside our cars may be fertile ground for new advertising opportunities. One of those could be ads built right into the infotainment systems of new cars.

Want to turn up the air conditioning? Doing so could be brought to you by the good people at Jiffy Lube. Changing a radio station could come courtesy of Allstate.

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Is There Any Prestige Left in Chevrolet?

2014 Chevrolet Impala

2014 Chevrolet Impala: With the right marketing, it could be huge

Name a Chevrolet car, not called Camaro, that buyers would pay $40,000 for the privilege to take home.

Impala? Nope. Malibu? Nice, but not more-than-$30K nice. So why is it that competitors like Toyota and even Hyundai can sell cars for over 30 grand, or even up to 40, while Chevy is forced to move its metal through the use of heavy discounts?

The answer comes down to one word. You might think that word is “quality,” but you’d be wrong.

The word is “marketing.”

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Chrysler and Wal-Mart Team Up to Advertise Ram Trucks, But Why?

2011 Ram Laramie Longhorn

Take a look at the picture above.

Let’s put together a likely scenario of the people who own this home and truck. The truck is a 2011 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn. Conservatively, the owner of this truck left the dealership about $45,000 lighter.

The home behind the truck probably sits on 10 acres and is finished with top-quality materials. It could easily be an $800,000 home. Now, when the owners of this home hop in their new truck to head to the store to stock up on ammunition, 30/30 rifles, duck blinds, camping gear and fishing rods, where do you suppose they’ll go? Wal-Mart?

I’m not going to stoop into meaningless stereotypes here, but simple marketing rules say these people are not exactly Wal-Mart’s target market.

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