The 2015 Audi S3: Coming Soon in Manual?

2015 Audi S3

With 290 horsepower, a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds, all-wheel drive and an MSRP of just over $40,000, the 2015 Audi S3 has only one negative mark against it: its transmission.

Why would any self-respecting driver choose such a great car, but with the concession of letting an automatic transmission put the power to the pavement?

The S3 is light and powerful, and a proper 6-speed manual transmission would turn the car from a small-and-fast family sedan into a dream machine.

With news of the manual S3 potentially arriving in the United States, it’s time to ask yourself: Would you buy one, or would you search the used listings for something a little older, and perhaps even more fun?

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Audi S4 Goes for Joy Ride: Would It Bother You?

2013 Audi S4

Remember the joyride scene in the 1963 Ferrari California Spyder from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”?

In the movie, a valet takes the classic Ferrari for an afternoon spin but has the car back in the garage before anyone notices it’s gone. The scene was a lesson in how to properly take a car that isn’t yours for the ride of your life.

Doing so in real life is wildly irresponsible, dangerous and illegal. But it happens, probably more than we know. Leaving your car and keys with a valet, mechanic or anyone else who doesn’t own it is an open invitation to “borrow” the car until you return.

One of the safest places to leave your car is with the dealer from whom you made the purchase, but a Canadian couple have found out even that can be risky.

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Battle of the Sports Sedans Heating Up

2013 Audi S4

The battle for the best sports sedan has never been much of a battle. More of a mild scuff, really, with winner always being the BMW M3. There’s just been nothing better over the years. Lexus hasn’t beat it. Jaguar tried once and failed. It will try again, but first needs to dust itself off from the beating the X-Type received. Audi has come close with the S4, but never threw the knockout punch.

Not many other automakers have even tried to dethrone the great M3. The few that have — Acura, Infiniti, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz — not a single one has produced an M3-killer. Or even a 3 Series-killer.

But the landscape could be changing, as at least three competitors have learned what it takes to compete with the Ultimate Driving Machine.

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