Five of the Cheapest Future Classics Money Can Buy

When talk turns to investing in cars one tends to think of barn find Jaguars or Ferraris polished to within an inch of their life. However, it is perfectly possible to buy a car that has a chance of increasing in value without needing a huge stack of bank notes to start with.

That’s where today’s five contenders come in, each of which we believe is in with a solid chance of earning you a bit of money over the next decade. Continue reading >>>

Volvo Prepares the S90 for Luxury Domination

Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

The luxury sedan market has no shortage of excellent cars, but Volvo is about to introduce one more with which it hopes to shake up the establishment.

U.S. pricing and launch details have been announced for its new S90 flagship sedan.

Volvo has promised a technologically advanced flagship with the looks and safety features to make an impressive dent in the existing market. We know the design is rock-solid, thanks to earlier concepts and teaser images, but how does it stack up on price, performance, and overall value?

Here’s a hint:

The Swedes may have built a masterpiece.

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Cars Coming Soon: Jaguar XE, Porsche 928 and… Groupon Car Deals?

For the first time in many, many years, Jaguar is on a roll.

The XJ, finally, is a serious executive machine instead of an outdated heritage car. The XK sports car remains one of the most beautiful vehicles in the world, and the XF provides a midlevel luxury sedan on par with the BMW 5 Series.

What Jag’s been missing is a competitor to the Porsche Boxster, which should be remedied in early 2013 with the Jaguar XE.

AutoExpress has some spyshots of what appears to be a test mule hot-weather testing right here in the U.S. (there’s been plenty of opportunity for that, right?). The car will sit on a shortened XK chassis, likely feature a range of V6 powerplants and even boast a performance-heavy “R” version.

Not one to sit idle, Porsche will reportedly fill a gap that’s been missing in its lineup since the glorious 928 faded away in 1995 with, well, a new 928!

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