Top Auto Brands in America Still Foreign

Mercedes-Benz coupe concept

The success of a car brand is most often measured by the number of units its dealers move off their lots. There’s another piece of marketing at work, though, that’s often behind those sales numbers:

Brand perception.

An automaker’s brand goes way beyond the logo on the grille or the name attached to the trunk lid. The brand encompasses everything a consumer feels or thinks when he or she sees, hears or otherwise has an experience with anything the brand represents. That makes it sound complicated, and it is. So measuring the impact of a brand on consumers is not easy to measure.

Think about a car brand. Any brand. Does it instill feelings of trust in you, or send you into fits of laughter as you make jokes about its reliability? Does it intimidate you or fill you with confidence? Are you enveloped with thoughts of luxury and performance or practicality and cheap plastics?

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