Will Car Brands Survive the Age of Autonomy?


When flying on an airplane, travelers generally don’t care if the maker of the plane is Boeing or Airbus, but they do care if the carrier is United or Southwest. Apply that thinking to the world of cars as autonomy sets in over the next decade or so, and perhaps it won’t matter if the maker of the car is Ford or Chevrolet, but if the operator of the car is Uber, Lyft, or even IBM.

Automotive News published an in-depth article about the future of car brands, and it doesn’t look good for automakers as we know them today.

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Do People Still Care About Their Car’s Brand?

Consumer Reports Car Brand Perception study 2012

Two conflicting reports from the last couple of days have cast all kinds of confusion on what car buyers look for when shopping the major auto brands.

One story says car buyers don’t see any real differences in car companies, while another says car buyers are heavily influenced by their general feeling regarding a brand.

Yesterday, our man jgoods went into some great detail on one of those studies and what drives buyers toward, or away from, certain brands. I recommend you check out his story.

Both studies come from major, respected sources, and both make logical sense. But which is correct? Do buyers care about the brand of their cars or not?

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