Gifts for Gearheads


Car commercials have a very specific flavor during the holiday season. They range from humorous to overly sentimental, but they often involve the advertised car sitting in someone’s driveway with a comically large, red, tightly wrapped bow on the hood or roof. It’s the universal symbol for “This car will be on sale this holiday season, so why not surprise a loved one with a brand new car?” Well for most of us, this is a very unrealistic scenario.

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Automotive Gifts for Father’s Day

To my wife and kids: Whatever you do this Father’s Day, don’t get me any of these items:

A tie. (I don’t like them and I don’t wear them.) Anything golf related. (Just because I’m a dad doesn’t mean I like golf. I don’t.) Tools. (If I need a tool, I’ll buy one. I don’t want a cheap novelty tool just so you can feel good about getting me something.)

If you want to impress me, make me happy and make me feel appreciated and loved, you should get me something listed below:

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