Recession Proof: the BMW 650i

2012 BMW 6 Series

For a mere $83,000 MSRP (coupe price, though you’ll end up spending around $100K; the convertible is $7,500 more), you can buy one of the most gorgeous, high-tech cars on the road with features no other lux-mobile has.

The new BMW 650i will be recession proof, because you can’t afford—and won’t want—to sell it after you take the big depreciation hit of the first two years. See our DealFinder listings for details. I mean, would you rather buy bank stocks today?

Put your money where your butt is—in a car with every creature comfort and electronic Teutonic safety and convenience gadget. Its obsessive creators seem to have thought of everything. It even has a kind of pothole sensor, a heads-up display on the windshield and a steering-wheel vibrator to warn you of dangerous lane-changing.

This is the kind of car you drive on long trips with your chica, to places like Pebble Beach, and never give over to a parking attendant.

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