The Most Hotly Anticipated Debuts at the 2017 North American Interational Auto Show

NAIAS 2017 Logo

Next week kicks off the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Although much attention has been directed at automakers’ decisions to move away from the traditional auto show format for their new-car debuts, with companies like Chrysler choosing instead to utilize the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the show in Detroit still remains one of the biggest events in the auto world, and CarGurus is excited to report on it this year. Continue reading >>>

How to Enjoy a New England Winter Weekend Without Snow

2016 New England Int'l Auto Show Press Day

CarGurus was honored to attend yesterday’s press preview of the 2016 New England International Auto Show. With more than 600 cars from 37 manufacturers valued at over $22 million, we were able to see and get into a bunch of brand-new vehicles for the first time. The show offers any car fan with an interest in new vehicles an unbeatable opportunity to take a close look at and ask experts questions about the wide world of cars available to American buyers.

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Music, Metal and Cars: Metallica to Host Car Show

James Hetfield's 1936 Auburn Roadster, Slow Burn

Whatever you think of heavy metal, there’s a distinct correlation between thrashing music and powerful cars. Both can be loud, obnoxious, inspiring, passion-invoking, fuel-dripping outlets for aggression, experimentation and pride.

It’s not surprising, then, that the leader of one of the world’s most prominent metal bands also has a passion for cars.

As a Metallica fan, I’ve long known that singer/guitarist James Hetfield is an oil-bleeding car guy. His 1936 Auburn Roadster, known as Slow Burn, is shown above. He’s also the proud of owner of a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, called Voodoo Priest, a ’36 Ford 5-Window Coupe and a 1956 Ford Pickup.

Personally, I’m of the belief that those older classics are better off restored instead of chopped into custom vehicles, but I can also appreciate the desire to create something no one else in the world has. Anything that fosters a passion for cars and keeps that old metal on the road (or show circuit) is good in my book!

To celebrate the infusion of cars and metal music, Metallica’s upcoming Orion music festival will include a custom car and motorcycle show and, I hope, many of Hetfield’s personal cars.

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