No Shocker Here: People Shop for Cars Online


I’m not exactly sure why this is news, but NBC News has posted a story on the astonishing fact that young people shop for cars online, not in showrooms.

The story is full of facts and figures and percentages confirming that those belonging to Generation Y don’t begin at dealers when they shop for cars. Well obviously at CarGurus we know that, considering it’s what we do. Vehicle research, new or used, absolutely must begin online these days.

The opinions of others are just as much a part of vehicle research these days as checking spec sheets and reading professional reviews. Who has a better opinion to trust than someone who owns, or has owned, the same car?

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The Exotic Used Car: Worth Dreaming About

2006 Ferrari F430

There’s a special moment all car enthusiasts experience at least once in their lives. However fleeting it may be, the moment is a little something called: possibility.

It’s when all scenarios in your head line up and something amazing seems possible: owning the exotic you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Maybe the moment is set off by seeing a car for sale and entertaining the brief thought of looking at it. Maybe the price is just a hair lower than you expected and you think of ways you could make it work. That’s usually followed by imagining your garage door slowly opening and exposing the freshly polished nose of your dream car.

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